Poem #17: It’s Okay – Today

Hey love, It’s okay – today. While the tears wash clean your face And your smile breaks open your heart Realize. There’s nothing you haven’t done Or have to do That got you – right here. Believe. While sometimes everything seems to crumble Or falls apart Again – Contemplate. It’s not the end, and even if it is It’s just the end We all get there someday Right? But until then and only then This is the live that we create, that we choose Ourselves. And it’s okay – today and tomorrow and then again When the sun comes up Remember. It’s all you and it has nothing to do with you Life living itself and we Passengers. Swimming against …

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Prayer to the Younger One

Prayer to the Young One

By the time you find love, you may have grown old and grey, and you might look back at your life, wanting you realized so much earlier, when your hair was still bright with color, that the quests for love that you’ve undertaken were fruitless from the beginning. You might wish you could regain all the time, frustration, sorrow and resources you spent on finding love, for now you now it was all wasted. You might wish you wouldn’t have pushed so hard, ran so fast, or believed that there would always be something ‘better’. Better than what? You might wish you’ve had a different life. Breathing a bit more deeply. Enjoying a bit more fully. Experiencing all the sensations …

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This Elusive Now

This elusive now

There are so many moments which are not now, and just this fraction of time ‘now’. Gone as soon as you realize it’s here. And in this continuum of now’s, passing by so swiftly, in the same time so much is happening! The whole world is happening within it. It’s tangible, yet elusive. Sometimes my thoughts drift away and it feels I missed a whole bunch of now’s. Sometimes so many people are expectant, disappointed, hopeful or happy in my presence that the now we share seems endless. Sometimes I feel there aren’t enough moments of now, and sometimes I can’t wait until the moments between me and a moment in the future have passed. Maybe it’s the only thing …

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(Poem #16) I am the Observer

The Observer

Feelings raging through No beginning or end No reasons or explanation Like the stillness in the eye of the storm I am the observer.   Tears streaming Shoulders shaking A smile breaks through Like the sun in a June morning – always present I am the observer.   Insecurity screaming Doubts wondering Who am I To me be Yet here I am I am the observer.   Distractions tempting Seeking confirmation Of existence Like a little child, wanting to be let in I am the observer.   Deep inside Where nothing ever changes Holding space For everything That’s where I am I am the observer.

(Poem#14) Unconditional self love

Unconditional self love

Can I love myself, Independent of what you do? Can I embrace myself, No matter what anyone says about me? Can I open my heart again, When all I want is to run away? Can I stay humble, Without becoming insecure? Can I share about what touches me, Without playing the victim card? Can I smile at myself, through my tears? Can I see the lightness of being, Beyond the weight of the world? Can I love myself, Borderless, boundless, unconditional?

(Poem#13) The beauty of a heart cracked open

Thank you love For cracking me wide open Allowing me to open my heart again and again.   Thank you love For breaking me open Showing me There’s a choice again and again.   Thank you love For tearing me open Giving me All and no reason to cry.   Thank you love For cracking me wide open Surrendering me To feel deeply alive again and again.   Thank you love.

(Poem #12) Contemplations


What is to be found outside that’s not within? Still we look around to afraid to realise That we don’t need it the hunting, the looking, the demanding Of what was never ours to begin with. You can never fill a void that is in you With something else that is not yours. Go back inwards Go in backwards Just feel your body It’s your responsibility to realise You have always been complete.

(Poem#11) The false belief of need for clarity

The false belief of need for clarity

There’s so much alive in me So many feelings that want a voice   The wisdom of my soul The sensitivity of my body The loyalty of my mind   I wish their voice was unanimous But it isn’t   Their needs are different And I want to know it all Understand each little piece   As if I’m a jigsaw puzzle Waiting to be completed   But that’s not me   I’m ever expanding Contracting Expanding Contracting   Breathing through it all   I don’t know Who I am Tomorrow, or what to do In each situation   Part of me believes I should Another part doesn’t Ambiguity   Can I find peace Rest In the not knowing?   …

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(Poem#10) When bad news comes

When bad news comes

Can you allow yourself to feel Even if it’s just for a moment Not holding back emotions tears sound Feeling the emotions rage through you Call it pain anger sadness grief rage Or simply observe feel The body’s response to what is alive in you Can you cry and love it? Can you scream and enjoy it? Can you freak out and watch yourself doing it? Breathe this aliveness inside you It’s okay You are loved More than you might ever know It’s okay You are allowed to break down to step up Like a phenix when the dust settles down You are alive.