Stories from the Polycule

11949370_10153168890183517_4568242664176455974_n11988506_10153168890348517_1281322915050292526_nOne of my blog articles features in the book Stories from the Polycule, edited by Elisabeth Sheff (author of The Polyamorists Next Door, m y review here). You can order this book on Amazon.





HappinezInterview in the popular magazine Happinez. “Cuddling is living based on love. Cuddling is healthy and helps us to relax. More important, it is an intense form of connecting with another person.”

This is our Dutch website about cuddle workshops.






Lauren en de Liefde

Lauren en de LiefdeThe Dutch tv-host Lauren Verster interviewed Sebas and me about our relationship, and participated in one of our cuddle workshops. You can find this program here.




Je zal het maar zijn

Sebas and Wilrieke - Je zal het maar zijnA Dutch tv-show featuring Sebas and me. The TV-crew followed us for a day and interviewed us about our open relationship and open way of living. We talk about the positive sides and the challenges of our way of living. You can find the (Dutch) episode of the show here.




Wilrieke in TelegraafInterview with Wilrieke in the Dutch national paper ‘Telegraaf’ about having an open relationship. “Everybody longs for abundance: love, friendship, money. I don’t want to limit the amount of love I feel. Sure, I’m afraid or jealous sometimes. But I feel that’s my little inner child who wants to be cuddled.”

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