The Problems of a Career based on a Life Purpose

Not so long ago we didn’t have many options when it came to having a career. I guess the word ‘career’ itself wasn’t very well-known. Career. Boys just became what their father was or were sent to a master to learn a craft. Girls found a caring position, either as mother or servant. There were not too many options and although I guess enough people were unhappy with their fate, you did what you had to do. The Shift: Choosing from the Mind Things changed. Education became more widely available. Social classes became less visible and education was open for everyone, until the son of the doctor sat next to the son of the butcher. And then women were also …

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Why I don’t try to get rid of neediness, fear or insecurity.

Why I try not to get rid of neediness, fear or insecurity. And why you shouldn't too.

And why you shouldn’t too. When I am going through processes of growth, some days are better than others. On good days it’s often not so difficult to love myself. But when days are tougher, and I feel a longing for connection with, or approval from others. I feel needy, afraid and insecure. On top of that i feel judgment: i shouldn’t feel like this. i should be beyond this, I’ve dealt with this. I want to get rid of what I feel. That’s the most counterproductive strategy of dealing with what is going on inside me. I this video I share, on a tough day, how I deal with myself.

Mirrors versus Movie Screens: Do you reflect or project?

Mirrors versus Movie Screens

The people around us are our mirrors: they show us where we are in our stage of personal evolution. It’s something we hear all the time. But I notice that people, me included, tend to use others rather as movie screens onto which we project our reality, instead of looking into the mirror. When someone triggers us It’s easy to see someone as our mirror when that mirror shows us something nice. It can be amazingly uplifting when someone I admire wants to spend time with me. Although it touches upon my insecurity sometimes (‘Why would this person want to spend time with me?’) it is hard to stick to negative thinking too long. I must be nice to be …

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How are you editing your life?

How do you edit your life?

As a writer they tell you to edit your writing by deleting at least thirty percent of the words you have written. Do you realize most of us do the same thing with our lives? We edit parts of our lives by hiding them, erasing them and forgetting about them all together. Sometimes it’s quite useful to let go of certain things. Think about biting nails or drawing pictures of colorful houses with crayons on the wallpaper of our parents’ living room. But we also edit precious parts of our lives. We erase things we love. Why? The castle metaphor My friend Jamie Catto often uses the metaphor of a castle in his workshops. He says that we are all …

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How to attract amazing people into your life – three key factors

How to attract amazing people into your life – three key factors

Lately I have been feeling very grateful for the amazing people in my life. I work with some of the most inspiring teachers on this planet. I date gorgeous, talented men and women. I have awesome friends who love the same things as I do, like cuddling for hours, having deep conversations or singing mantras and making music. Even most of the people I randomly meet in the streets are wonderful and amazing. Random encounters turn into deep connections that last seconds or months. It hasn’t always been like that. On the contrary. For years I felt like I didn’t belong. The outcast that nobody understood or actually really liked. But also more recently I had lovers who weren’t honest …

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I fucking love food

You heard me. I fucking love food. I did a detox where I ate 500 kcal a day for three weeks and felt much better. Until my food cravings came back worse then before. And then I read this humble article about why detox might not be beneficial for you. I love consciously indulging in life. I love food. I love my body. And somewhere there should be a balance between feeling healthy, being healthy and life’s treats (read: my current fetish for chocolate and peanutbutter). I don’t know what’s best practice. I know there’s a fine line between the masculine, focussed and determined approach (strict lifestyle modifications but also feeling tensed about everything I put into my mouth) and …

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Your life = your experience (and not the general truth)

It's your experience

When we advice, teach or even preach to others, it’s easy to be convinced of our perspective on things. But don’t forget that everything you share comes from your experience, from how you’ve lived your life. And this may or may not resonate with someone else. Maybe you can have a little part of you be the observer, when someone asks you for advice. An observer that reminds you that all you say is not the general truth, but simply your experience of what does and doesn’t work for you in your life. But, of course, that’s my experience 😉 [youtube=]

Why I’m experimenting with Multi-Level marketing (MLM)

Multi Level Marketing

What is Multi-Level Marketing? Multi-Level Marketing is a business model in which products are not sold in a store after passing the chain of factory – wholesale – retail – shop. Instead, products are sold directly from the factory through promotion by independent people, also called partners, who promote the product to people in their social circles. Partners are not employed by the company, and instead of a fixed salary they receive a percentage of the income they generate for the company. Costumers either just buy the products, or they actively participate by recommending the products to their social circles, creating an income stream for themselves too. Other terms for Multi-Level Marketing are Referral Marketing and Network Marketing. Why is …

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Whiskey and chocolate for breakfast

Life is Yummy!

Do you trust life? Do you trust the flow of things surrounding you? We let ourselves be haunted by the echoes of voices from the past. We should perform, please, procreate! We cannot relax, I mean, what does one do when one does nothing? How to fill that gap with something… useful? We teach our kids to tidy up, to be good… but what is that? Why not enjoy the mess of aliveness, the clutteredness of presence… and unwind every now and then? To step out of your routine, move away from those you know best. Breathe. Throw it all upside down. Realize once again the relativity of what bothers you. And what really matters in life. Life will live …

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Make 2015 your best year yet in life and business

Leonie Dawson 2015 workbook

Hello women! Have you ever heard about Leonie Dawson? I love her! She creates the most stunning, vibrant, inspiring things for women. She’s also a self-made millionaire entrepreneur living with two small children in the Australian jingle. Yup, she proves there are no excuses not to make it! Whether you are a Business Goddess aiming to reach millions, or being the best mother for your kids; Leonie will lift your mood and transmit her contagious optimistic energy right through your computer screen. If you are allergic for chubby, pink unicorns or the word ‘Goddess’ Leonie is definitely not for you. When you like colors as well as making the best of your life, keep reading. I’ve been working with quite …

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