The Problems of a Career based on a Life Purpose

Not so long ago we didn’t have many options when it came to having a career. I guess the word ‘career’ itself wasn’t very well-known. Career. Boys just became what their father was or were sent to a master to learn a craft. Girls found a caring position, either as mother or servant. There were not too many options and although I guess enough people were unhappy with their fate, you did what you had to do. The Shift: Choosing from the Mind Things changed. Education became more widely available. Social classes became less visible and education was open for everyone, until the son of the doctor sat next to the son of the butcher. And then women were also …

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This Elusive Now

This elusive now

There are so many moments which are not now, and just this fraction of time ‘now’. Gone as soon as you realize it’s here. And in this continuum of now’s, passing by so swiftly, in the same time so much is happening! The whole world is happening within it. It’s tangible, yet elusive. Sometimes my thoughts drift away and it feels I missed a whole bunch of now’s. Sometimes so many people are expectant, disappointed, hopeful or happy in my presence that the now we share seems endless. Sometimes I feel there aren’t enough moments of now, and sometimes I can’t wait until the moments between me and a moment in the future have passed. Maybe it’s the only thing …

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My contradictory life as an outgoing introvert (with an open relationship)

Outgoing introvert

I am that kind of person that needs a lot of time on her own. Endless walks in the forests, staring at clouds while dreaming of romantic love stories and simply sitting in a corner of a room, wrapped in a blanket with a pile of books and a jar of tea within reach are amongst my favorite pastimes. At the same time I love the company of people. Nothing beats dancing for hours with an ecstatic group of barefoot dancers surrounding me, or long and deep conversations with friends followed by long hugs. Am I an introvert or not? Because of my desires for both being alone and being surrounded by people, for many years I have been wondering …

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Make 2015 your best year yet in life and business

Leonie Dawson 2015 workbook

Hello women! Have you ever heard about Leonie Dawson? I love her! She creates the most stunning, vibrant, inspiring things for women. She’s also a self-made millionaire entrepreneur living with two small children in the Australian jingle. Yup, she proves there are no excuses not to make it! Whether you are a Business Goddess aiming to reach millions, or being the best mother for your kids; Leonie will lift your mood and transmit her contagious optimistic energy right through your computer screen. If you are allergic for chubby, pink unicorns or the word ‘Goddess’ Leonie is definitely not for you. When you like colors as well as making the best of your life, keep reading. I’ve been working with quite …

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Freedom lies in the NOW

Sometimes it confuses me when the gap between the projections I have of the expectations society must have of me and the life I live seem so big. Take today, a regular Wednesday. Two of my three kids go to school half the day. Today, both classes would visit a nursery to see how shrubs grow and how they are multiplied. To get the children to the nursery, parents were asked to drive the kids. It’s the first time my middle daughter goes somewhere with her class, and I decide I like to be there for her. She is happy I’m there to hold her hand and give her space to find her confidence in her own time. By the …

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